1. Summertime water lily garden. (at Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool)

  2. Big sleek contemporary. #chicago #suzannecummingsflowers (at Discover - 606)

  3. Little SC with my grandmother Cummings’s iris in Canyon, Texas. We called them *flags*. #tbt (at Texas Panhandle)

  4. Dark dreamy dahlia

  5. Big bright beauty. #peony #chicago (at Lincoln Park, Chicago IL)

  6. I’ve never seen this variety before. #peony (at Lincoln Park Conservatory)

  7. Blushing and bashful

  8. All white.

  9. Buds

  10. Peonies in the park. (at Lincoln Park, Chicago IL)

  11. Visiting an old friend I’ve missed. #jeffcoons #puppy #gooddog

  12. I have a tomato = #Chicago winter is officially over at last. Big smile. (at The House of William & Helix)

  13. This city. #chicago

  14. Photobomb. #chicago #nofilter (at The Art Institute of Chicago)

  15. Best city ever today. #chicago (at Italian Village)